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a tool for talking about it

Because growing up is tough, and so is talking about it. Parents might not have the right language or confidence to bring up topics in comprehensive sex education, and while kids are curious, they may not always know what to ask.

Instead of silence or embarrassment, learning about growing up can be an opportunity for coming together, sharing stories, and engaging in positive and playful learning experiences.

Please, be candid.


Why Candid?


Meet the Team

We are two design thinkers from the Learning, Design, and Technology MA program at Stanford University. We're passionate about using human-centered research and design principles to help solve today's learning problems thoughtfully and creatively.
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Kimiya Hojjat
Aliza Hoffman

Candid is a mobile tool that leverages popular media and interactive question prompts to foster meaningful conversations between parents and adolescents about important topics in comprehensive sex education.

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